Do we at times love attrition?

13 Oct , 2015  

I was strolling back to our hotel room after dinner with a couple of my colleagues when their conversation grabbed my attention. HR Manager: Kumar, why did Sheena resign? Line Manager: “Accha hua that she left, it’s for the better.  Its positive attrition”  HR Manager: “Why do you say so? Line Manager: “She’s a non-performer. Her performance has taken a dip over the last 6 months. Frankly, I  don’t regret losing her.” HR Manager: “I’m […]


Guns and Roses

6 Oct , 2015  

Last week I intently listened to the interview of a CEO of a Fortune 100 speaking on his company’s strategy to the press; what he said during the interview caught me by surprise. He professed that he was more than happy to attend the retirement parties of his executives who failed to execute the company’s […]