Time To Let Go Matrix Reporting?

27 Jul , 2016  

How many bosses do you have? If the clear answer is one, then you are a blessed soul! Some of you may think hard and say, “Oh sorry, I have a dotted line to ‘X’ too.” Dual reporting, matrix reporting or dotted line reporting as some organisations refer to it, have become an accepted form […]


Why looking good is important at work!

13 Jul , 2016  

Have you ever talked to the mirror one whole day? Neither have I, but I am wondering how would it be to look at us \when we are at work, maybe if some spy cameras can video record how we interact each day and play it for us before we go to bed every night. […]


Is Learning and Development HR’s Job?

7 Jul , 2016  

We all know we don’t belong here 🙂 I mean to the work station and the role that we are currently attached to. If you feel belonged to the organization and the role you are in then read no further. All of us are ambitious professionals, preparing for the next big role in our careers […]