Does HR “DEAL” With People?

Does HR “DEAL” With People?

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Does HR “DEAL” With People?

1 SEP , 2015
“Why do you want to study HR?” I asked a bunch of enthusiastic MBA students last week.

Most of them said they liked dealing with people; no brainer right? Nine out of ten others elsewhere would probably give the same answer. I’m inclined to think otherwise; if you like dealing with people, you’re better off in sales as there’s where actual one-on-one interaction happens. I might be a bit biased as I started my career in sales but in today’s dynamic technology landscape, sales happen through various e-channels too. For now, let’s get back to HR.

HR, to me, is no longer about dealing with people but rather managing a heap of transactions. Disagree? Take a moment and answer the following based on your experiences or observations in your current or past organisations:

  • Does your HR team spend more time in front of their desktop and laptop?
  • Are they always seen in a meeting or conversing with leadership team?
  • Do you only get to see HR during appraisal cycles, new policies announcements or when you’re tendering your resignation?
  • And yet, do you always get an email from HR stating that they are available if you need them for anything?

I know I am talking about myself and hope you are talking to yourself too as you read them!If your answers are no to most of the above, don’t read any further as you are likely to have witnessed some of the best HR experience!

On the contrary, if your answers are mostly in agreement to the questions asked, the blame lies not with your HR folks but with the culture of the organisation!

So if you’re wondering when the HR folks will “actually” be “available” for you, it’s best to ask that question to the CEO or big Boss – in the overall makeup of priorities that has been set up by the leadership for HR.

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