I Know How To Manage My Boss

I Know How To Manage My Boss

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I Know How To Manage My Boss

26 MAY , 2015
I thought I will write about Boss Management when I retire but couldn’t resist this for long; this is a day to day reality. After all the boss is the key to:
1.Your hiring (irrespective of HR and other people interviewing U for formality)
2.You staying (day to day sense of belonging, happiness or the lack of it, work life balance)
3.You leaving (sometimes)
4.Your pay (underpaid or overpaid)

But still many of us lack the skill of Boss Management, you know why? I have no clue either as it has been my chronic weakness too. If I clicked with some of my bosses, it must have been incidental or our relationship was inevitable in mutual interest.

This brings me back to school/college days during which time some of my classmates seemed to have better chemistry with our teachers than the rest of us. As a result, they (the privileged classmates) displayed superior knowledge of the relevant subjects by reading up on topics the day before; always able to ask appropriate questions to the teacher about the topics; and never failed to draw positive attention to themselves! In return, the teachers too favoured these curious bunch!

Managing upward is clearly a skill that exists at all stages of life. During childhood, while some of us were happily playing and busy studying, there were a select few who picked up the knowledge of power centres early on to draw more attention and subsequently earn rewards.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said for many at the workplace including star performers on having this essential skill. A large number of good talent who are positively aggressive in their work delivery are oblivious of the power contained within effective upward management. Yours truly was of no exception. From college days to work, we kept wishing that we’ll get better at it at some point!

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