Is it possible to change the culture of an organization?

Is it possible to change the culture of an organization?

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Is it possible to change the #culture of an organization? If so, Have you ever tried solving #MoneyCulture?

In one of my stints, most of my team always talked about “Money”. It was either about they being underpaid or how others or competition getting more. There were frequent #salary corrections(if you demanded), incentive structures were continuously tweaked to catch up with the grouses, even if the organization was making losses people were paid bonuses (to overcome psychological hardships 🙂 Most conversations were about #promotions overseas postings or benefits.

When colleagues used to quit to join competition we used to sympathetically say, s/he had to resign, after all the money was so attractive, that was the only parameter people could relate to.
Once we were trailing our annual targets and people had to up the ante; Guess what, we said people who topped their KPIs were getting gift vouchers #iPad & holidays. This in spite of salaries and incentives to meet the same goals.

Did we try to change this culture, of course, we brought in new leaders, #HR Consultants did Culture-Workshops for us in fancy resorts. We trained our managers on engagement. We were able to change business results. But the money-culture stayed 🙂

I wish I could say #PeopleEffectChange

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